African Christian Theology (ISSN: 3006-1768) is the academic journal of the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA).  The mission of ACTEA is to strengthen theological education through accreditation, scholarship, and support services to serve the church and transform society.  The journal is one way in which ACTEA engages theological educators and church leaders in addressing relevant issues facing the church and society in Africa.  African Christian Theology serves the whole of Africa and provides a venue for conversations between different regions of Africa, as well as an organ through which African voices can address World Christianity at large.  Following in the footsteps of theologians such as Kwame Bediako, Byang Kato, Kä Mana, Lamin Sanneh, Andrew F. Walls, and Isaac Zokoué, the journal promotes World Christianity perspectives through deep engagement with African contextual realities.  Articles are published in one of three languages — English, French, or Portuguese; each article has a trilingual abstract in those languages.  The journal also publishes short “booknote” book reviews and longer critical book review essays.

Current Issue2024: African Christian Theology

Published March 31, 2024

Issue Description

This is the inaugural issue of African Christian Theology — vol. 1, no. 1 (March 2024).  The theme of this issue is “African Christian Theology:  Retrospect and Prospect.”  As we look ahead to where we are going, it is fitting to look back to see where we have come from. This theme is deliberately coordinated with the theme of ACTEA’s General Assembly in September 2023, “African Theological Education: Retrospect and Prospect.”

As Christianity continues to rise here in Africa, it is fitting that this issue is published on Resurrection Day, Easter 2024 (31 March 2024).


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