Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024): African Christian Theology
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African Homiletics Society Conference 2024

Published 2024-04-01

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The African Homiletics Society Conference for this year comes up on November 1-4, 2024 at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. The theme is "African Christian Preaching and Decolonisation." Christianity has not only come to stay in Africa; it has prospered and flourished. In spite of this, African theology rooted in African identity remains a critical issue after several centuries of colonisation and subsequent independence that still manifests in an apparent dependence. As God prepares the continent for its global mission in the coming decades, it is time to think about decolonisation. Theological, philosophical and missiological efforts have been concentrated on this. It is time for a homiletical reflection. The preachers are the voices of God for the people and spokespersons for the theology of the church, and it is thus imperative to critically reflect on the practice of preaching on the African continent in the light of decolonial and postcolonial theories.

The conference will feature academic paper presentations, workshops on Preaching, Bible expositions and a lot of fellowships. If you will be attending the conference, please register by filling out this form.

Register for this hybrid (in-person and virtual) conference at: https://bit.ly/AHS-2024